Our Story

Our story began in 2015 with a moment of inspiration. We realised that, every day of the week, there must be hotel rooms across the country going empty. After a little digging, we discovered that, on average, there are approximately 140,000 hotel rooms sitting empty and unused every night in the U.K. This amounts to £5 billion worth of wasted assets every year.

‘Surely there’s a better use for these rooms than just going to waste?’ we thought and – eureka! – Room to Reward was born.

The idea is a simple one that represents a win for everybody. Hoteliers are able to make use of their empty rooms and give something back to those truly deserving, charities are able to say ‘thank you’ to their amazing teams in a way that doesn’t impact their own budgets and, most importantly, the inspirational Hidden Heroes are able to enjoy a well-earned break.

We started life with just a handful of hotels and a small number of charities in the initiative. We now partner with more than 125 hotels and over 100 charities throughout the UK.

Our Values and Mission

We are a charities’ charity. A facilitator for charities to give something back to their amazing staff and volunteers who really deserve some special recognition.

Our initiative is all about saying ‘thank you’ to the Hidden Heroes, so whether charities want to use us as an add-on to their own recognition scheme, a sponsor for a special award/s or simply through the usual ongoing nomination process, we are here and ready!

Our first major mission as a charity is to reach £1 million worth of donated stays. It’s a big target, but with so many inspirational people doing so many amazing things, we believe we can reach it. The Hidden Heroes are out there, we just need to find them!

The inspirational Mandy is a fantastic example of what Room to Reward is all about. You can watch her video below

Watch our Launch Video!