Who Are Hidden Heroes?

Hidden heroes are exactly that, the men and women who may be overlooked, but who make the greatest sacrifices to care for others and to contribute to society. They are everyday people who give unshakable, selfless support to those in need and to their communities, without demanding anything in return. They go the extra mile, not for any accolades, but simply because they care.

Every charity volunteer and employee is valued and appreciated, however, this scheme is in place to reward and say “thank you” to those individuals that a charity feels has made an exceptional commitment. This may be because of the number of years that they have volunteered or worked, the number of hours that they give up in their own time, or simply doing something very special and unexpected.


To be eligible for a short break, the following criteria must be met:

Volunteers (i.e. those who are not paid to undertake the role within the registered charity)

  • They are registered volunteers whose role involves the direct contact with or support of the nominating charities beneficiaries
  • They have made a selfless contribution in caring for another/s
  • They have made an exceptional contribution to the work of the charity

Employees (i.e. those who are paid by the registered charity)

  • They are in a front-line, operational (non-management) role
  • They have made an outstanding and substantial contribution to the charities beneficiaries or the furtherance of the charities objects
  • The contribution they have made far exceeds that for which they are remunerated


Another hidden hero being welcomed to the Salcombe Harbour Hotel and Spa

hidden hero

One of our ‘hidden heroes’ being welcomed to the Careys Manor Hotel

Homeless charity Michael House nominates their Hidden Hero

Nominating a hidden hero

To learn how you can nominate a hidden hero for a short break, please visit our FAQs page.