What does being a Charity Partner involve?

Very little! The only thing we ask for from our charity partners is nominations! The Room to Reward initiative is here, ready and waiting for you to use. It’s an ongoing partnership, meaning you can make nominations every year. Some guidelines regarding nomination allowances are below:

However, these guidelines are flexible. We are here to help recognise Hidden Heroes, so if you have an extraordinary story – tell us!

Alternatively, charity partners are welcome to use our initiative as an add-on to their own volunteer recognition schemes. We have been honoured to partner with some volunteer awards in the past and are always keen to do so again.

As well as saying ‘thank you’ to your Hidden Heroes, we also share the amazing work and stories of our charity partners across our website and social media platforms.

Essentially, we have what we think is a fantastic initiative. How charities take advantage of it is up to them!

See some of the amazing charities we already work with here, or contact us for more information.