What our charity partners are saying

Educational charity and social enterprise SATRO said:

“Our Hidden Hero helps us inspire young people to reach their full potential (irrespective of their physical or academic abilities) providing vital life skills to improve their life chances. She helps us work with 1,000s of young people each year. Not only does she do this she also heavily involved in volunteering and raising funds for the community and county she lives in. She always puts everyone and everything else first; she never seeks reward or praise for the outstanding contribution she makes to all the charities she is involved with. I have never met anyone more deserving.”

Georgie Bennett, Chief Operations Officer for Simon Says said:

“Simon Says are delighted to be supported by “Room to Reward”.  Their generosity has given us an opportunity to recognize and thank a few of our hard working volunteers.  The application process is simple and it is so lovely for us to be able to give something back.  A huge thank you, to Adam and all the Trustees of Room To Reward.”

Anita Rigler, Volunteer Coordinator for Macmillan Caring Locally Christchurch Hospital said:

“Recognizing the outstanding contribution of volunteers is exceptionally important, and very motivational. This reward scheme is absolutely perfect. By allowing me to select volunteers who have gone the extra mile, without a restriction on their length of service, age, or task has been warmly received by the whole clinical team. Whilst not wanting recognition for what they do, our Volunteers who have received a “Hidden Hero” award have all said “you have no idea how lovely that break was”. The gratitude expressed by those who have been nominated has resulted in a greater contribution towards our charity and the urge to do even more for our patient. We are so very grateful and proud to be a charity partner.”

Andrew Ryde, Chief Executive of Oakhaven Hospice says:

“Room to Reward has been such a fantastic initiative for us to say “ thank you “ to our volunteers.  As a hospice we are entirely reliant on the support of volunteers giving their time. Being able to show our appreciation is really important to us. Room to Reward is such a novel and meaningful initiative and I know the volunteers who have been beneficiaries have really been overwhelmed by the scheme. We are so very grateful to Room to Reward and their hotel partners for providing this unique way of saying “ thank you.”

Jaya Da Costa, Fundraising and Marketing Manager of Dorset Blind Association says:

“It is such a pleasure to be able to reward people who work so hard for our charity in order to help others, and to give them the recognition they deserve. Thank you so much to Room to Reward for making this possible, and to the hotel partners who get involved and kindly donate breaks in their hotels.

We nominated Leah, who does so much to help blind and partially sighted people. She works so hard and deserves a break, but our charity would never have been able to afford to reward her in this way.”

What our Hidden Heroes are saying

Hidden Hero from MindDorset says

“Regarding what the nomination has meant to us, I think it is possibly one of the kindest gestures of thanks we have ever received, I can’t honestly remember the last time we had a relaxing break away properly and with finances being tight it was looking very unlikely for this year too. As with all sixteen year olds my son’s upmost thoughts are with GCSE exams this summer but with his Asperger’s and the anxiety levels this unfortunately is an even more stressful time for him than most. This short break after his exams has given him something positive to look forward too. I cannot express enough how grateful we are for your kindness and support. Thank you.”

Chrissie says

“When I was nominated by Macmillan Caring Locally as one of their hidden heroes , I could not believe it ! Like all volunteers , I offer  my time and support towards my charity without expecting anything in return , so it was such a great and wonderful feeling when I was nominated.  I was offered a choice of over 50 hotels throughout the UK  , and I eventually decided on  a short break at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne .The hotel was amazing and I was treated like royalty , they made me feel very special. Thank you to Room to Reward and their hotel partners”

Tony says:

Firstly, on behalf of myself and my wife, Jill, I would like to thank Hospiscare for nominating us , and Room to Reward for allowing us to stay at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel for three very enjoyable nights.
We have been volunteers with Hospiscare for over twenty-five years and, like all volunteers, we carry out our fundraising without thought of a reward. In simple terms we believe in our charity and the hospice it supports and give our time willingly to such a great cause.
Any registered charity reading this quote should seriously consider nominating a volunteer to Room to Reward, as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to someone they think deserves it.

Chris says:

“Being nominated for the Room to Reward charity scheme, by Lymington Sailability, came as a complete surprise. I became involved with Lymington Sailabilty to enable my wife and others who are disabled to enjoy the freedom that sailing solo gives. We were made most welcome for our two night stay in the Christchurch Harbour Hotel & Spa, the facilities in the DDA room were ideal and the staff were excellent in looking after us.”

Samantha says:

“My husband and I have just returned from our break at the St Ives Harbour Hotel and Spa . I wanted to write to say thanks very much for a lovely stay! We thought the hotel was wonderful and our room was amazing. The staff at the hotel were very friendly and Peter General Manager went out of his way to say hello, leave me chocolates and ensure we had a nice stay. I hope that all your subsequent nominees will have as wonderful an experience as we did. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity and I hope your charity continues to thrive.”

Natalie says:

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for this opportunity! I am so excited to have a few days away and plan to actually turn off emails for a few days and try to relax 🙂 again thank you so much this was a huge surprise. I am looking forward to looking at the hotels in more detail and booking one”.

Lorraine says:

“I have recently been nominated to receive a hotel break from you, for the voluntary work I do for them. I was very surprised when I was informed and at first felt I couldn’t accept the award. I have now been persuaded otherwise and have booked to go to St Ives with my husband in November. We are very much looking forward to it as we have never been to that part of Cornwall. Thanks for what you are doing, there are thousands of people out there doing the same as me, and it is nice that someone has recognised that and is offering them a reward, Although like me they may take some persuading to accept it “.

What our Hotel partners are saying

Neil Gallagher, GLH Hotels Chief Executive Officer says:

“GLH Hotels are delighted to support Room to Reward as our chosen charity initiative. All too often, it is the quiet individuals that work tirelessly behind the scenes to support others, but get little recognition or reward. We all benefit from the hard work and dedication of these hidden heroes, and we’d like to personally contribute toward thanking them, by offering our hotels and services as part of the Room to Reward programme“

Michaela Lisle, New Forest Hotel Managing Director says:

“New Forest Hotels are proud to have been partners to the Room to Reward scheme since it was first founded in 2015. In our view, with the relatively small gesture of donating our anticipated unsold rooms, we can make a real difference to a charity’s ability to motivate their volunteers and keep delivering vital services within our communities. The beautiful and relaxing forest settings of our hotels prove the ideal environment to offer respite to these amazing individuals who give so much to society.

We have been impressed with the simplicity of the nomination and booking processes, and as a hotel partner we can ensure the programme makes allowances for our busy periods or days. We would actively encourage all hotels to lend their support to Room to Reward, it is a fantastic, flexible scheme, which as an industry makes use of an otherwise lost asset.“

Paul Callingham, Managing Director Starboard Hotels says:

“When I heard about Room to Reward, I was immediately intrigued to hear more about the charity and how they recognize the unsung hidden heroes within our community. I soon realized that it is a fantastic initiative and I am pleased to support the scheme. We all know that there are so many volunteers doing great things for a particular registered charity and Room to Reward is such a simple and effective way to say of ‘thank you’, with a short break in a partner hotel. I urge all my hotelier colleagues to support the charity. “   

ROBIN SHEPPARD, FIH MI, Chairman of Bespoke Hotels says:

Sometimes you just want to give something back. So we are delighted to support this innovative industry initiative. We are firm believers in recognizing and rewarding individuals who go the extra mile. Many generously donate their time to important charitable causes.
At certain times hotel rooms are left vacant, and this presents a fantastic opportunity to reward those who may not ordinarily be able to afford a stay. We urge fellow hoteliers to sign-up. Collectively we can make a real difference to the lives of those who deserve our thanks and applause.

Paul Spencer, Head of Operations Indigo Hotels says:

“Room to Reward to such a great way for the hospitality industry to give something back to the local community . The cost to the hotel in giving a short break to a hidden hero is so small compared to the massive impact it has on the ‘hidden hero’ who will feel so valued and appreciated for the wonderful work that they do for their charity.”

Ben Young, General Manager of the Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth says:

“An unsold hotel room can never be sold again. This was one of my first lessons at college and it really explains why all conscientious hoteliers should join in and support Room to Reward and help them to deliver all the good they are striving to achieve.  As hotel operators we are in a privileged position in that we are able to help reward those who truly deserve it in a big way, through a gesture which to us, is relatively small. Through this new Charity we are now able to use this privilege to the very best of uses, and I urge all my peers across the UK to get on board too”

James Hiley Jones, Operations Director of Greenclose Hotels says:

“We are very excited about working with Room to Reward.  Being a partner hotels gives us the opportunity to reward deserving individuals who do so much behind the scenes in both our local and wider communities.  It is easy to make a nomination online and the simple booking system means the Hidden Hero can soon be enjoying a much deserved break.  A wonderful way of saying thank you! 

Mark Godfrey, Managing Director Deer Park Country Hotel says .

“What a great  concept to be able to give back to those that give so much to our friends and loved ones who rely on their kindness. Everyone must know a Hidden Hero that would benefit from a short breakaway from the extremely challenging job they have and Room to Reward is a very simple way of being able to say thank you. Well done Nick, Adam, David , Bob and the team at Room to Reward!

John Badley, General Manager Dalhousie Castle Hotel & Aqueous Spa says:

“We are delighted to collaborate with Room to Reward, rewarding those selfless and passionate individuals who give up their time to help those in need. It is regretful but quite true that time can be a substantial restraint on the effect of our support to charities and their good causes, however this initiative allows us an opportunity to do more for those who truly deserve it. It is wonderful that we can host and look after such worthy individuals, allowing them some rest and recuperation , recognizing them for all they have done, and revitalizing them in preparation for further support to the charities.”