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We are a young, small charity making big waves in the hospitality and voluntary sectors, bringing the two together to say ‘thank you’ to those who make the world a better place.


What Happens to Unsold Hotel Rooms?

On average, there are approximately 140,000 hotel rooms sitting empty and unused every night in the U.K. This amounts to £5 billion worth of wasted assets every year.

An unsold hotel room can obviously never be sold again. So, rather than have that room go unsold, why not give a ‘thank you’ break to someone who truly deserves it?

Our founder – Nic Roach – had this exact thought in 2015 and – eureka! – Room to Reward was born.


R2R works on a simple premise that works for everybody

Hotels are able to put their unsold rooms to great use and recognise the invaluable contribution of volunteers.

Charities and voluntary groups are able to say ‘thank you’ to their Hidden Heroes in a meaningful, tangible way without impacting their own budget.

Most importantly, the inspirational Hidden Heroes are able to enjoy a well-earned break and take some time back for themselves having given so much to others.

From humble beginnings and a handful of properties in the scheme, we now partner with over 500 hotels throughout the U.K. Through the simple donation of a few unsold rooms, they are making a real difference to charities, communities and the Hidden Heroes who do so much for them.

The wonderful support of our hotel partners is the bedrock on which the rest of R2R is built. Their participation makes the whole thing possible and we have been blown away by the level of support we continue to receive.

Over 950 Hidden Heroes have been nominated to R2R from more than 475 charities and community groups. It has been our privilege to read their inspirational stories and recognise their extraordinary dedication to helping others.


Room to Reward is all about saying ‘thank you’ to the Hidden Heroes. We are here to celebrate their impact, recognise the difference they make and give back just a fraction of the time they have selflessly dedicated to helping others.

It’s also about utilising what would otherwise be a wasted asset. Until now, an unsold hotel room was simply seen as an unavoidable, inevitable consequence of running a hotel. With R2R, those wasted assets help create memorable, special experiences for truly special people.


  • Simon Says are delighted to be supported by “Room to Reward”. Their generosity has given us an opportunity to recognize and thank a few of our hard working volunteers. The application process is simple and it is so lovely for us to be able to give something back. A huge thank you, to Adam and all the Trustees of Room To Reward.”

    Simon Says
    Simon Says Georgie Bennet, Chief Operations Officer
  • "Regarding what the nomination has meant to us, it is one of the kindest gestures of thanks we have ever received. I can’t honestly remember the last time we had a relaxing break away, and with finances being tight it was looking very unlikely for this year too. As with all sixteen year olds, my son’s upmost thoughts are with GCSE exams this summer but with his Asperger’s and the anxiety levels this unfortunately is an even more stressful time for him than most. This short break after his exams has given him something positive to look forward too. I cannot express enough how grateful we are for your kindness and support. Thank you.”

    Hidden Hero
    Hidden Hero Dorset Mind
  • "Room to Reward is a genius concept. Simple, effective, highly motivational and something that you should be taking part in. Collectively we can make a real difference to the lives of those who deserve our thanks and applause.“

    Institute of Hospitality and Bespoke Hotels
    Institute of Hospitality and Bespoke Hotels Robin Sheppard, FIH MI, Chairman


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