Relax to Reward – 06/07/2022

Date: 06/07/22
Time: 2.30pm – Sunset
Location: Avon Beach

What an amazing day!

The sun shone, the classes rocked and the  cocktails flowed. A huge thank you to everyone who attended and supported the first ever Relax to Reward – our well-being on the beach day. We raised over £1600! Vital funds that will enable us to continue to make a difference to charities, communities and the Hidden Heroes who do so much for them.

Events like this are only possible because of the wonderful people who support it. To all the amazing instructors and sponsors who helped us put it on – and to all the attendees who came along to try something new – thank you! Enjoy some pictures below, find out more about the fabulous class leaders and event sponsors – and see you next year!

Relax to Reward – Sponsors

Relax to Reward – Meet the Instructors

Caroline Radway – Paddleboard Yoga

Caroline (Liquid Motion Yoga) teaches SUP Yoga and Fitness classes in Mudeford, and is a SUP Instructor too, as well as offering a weekly (land based!) Mindful Movement class and 1:1 sessions. Mindful Movement is a Yoga format but incorporating a variety of movement and mobility practices for optimal function, performance and wellbeing.

You can find out more at and at or

Pip Taverner – Groove Om Yoga

Groove Om Yoga is a fabulous sequin-filled experience. Fusing the uplifting power of Deep & Disco House music with a dynamic blend of Vinyasa Yoga, Dance and Barre. It’s the perfect pre or post party wellness disco yoga class. Founded by Pip @pipyogamentor, Groove Om Yoga has been bringing glitter and sparkle to the yoga scene since 2014. We’ve shared the disco yoga love at festivals such as Bestival, Boardmasters, Wilderness and the Om Yoga Show London amongst many others! Please take a look at our website & Insta:

Georgina Sayer – Shore Pilates FB: @ShorePilatesStudio. IG @georgina.sayer.

Georgina began her career as an exercise teacher and personal trainer in 1996. A few years later she was introduced to the Pilates method and never looked back! She began her training with Body Control Pilates (BCP) in 2000 and now teaches on both mat and machines. Georgina taught in the Middle East for several months and Australia for 3 years, where she taught in two of Sydney’s most reputable Pilates studios. This gave her the experience and confidence to open Shore pilates. She is a Supervising teacher for BCP, helping train students gain their Pilates certification and recently became a Teacher Trainer presenting workshops for BCP in Bournemouth and London.

Shelley Bell – Yoga

Tune in and turn on and reconnect with you. A fun yoga experience for everyone which will release, invigorate and energise whilst attuning and aligning the whole body. Modifications to suit all practitioners. Sense of humour required!

Facebook – Shelley Bell

Instagram – @sunshinesesh

Email – Shelley Shine

Alexandra Parker – Paisley Pilates

After the birth of my daughter in 2013 I realised that my post baby body needed something more than ‘normal’ Pilates but I couldn’t find the person I needed, so I became that person and studied under Jenny Burrell of Burrell Education and qualified in Advanced Modern Post Natal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming. I love working with postnatal mums, (with babies of all ages). I have since developed a love for Barre classes and now teach the fantastic and biomechanically sound Bootybarre™ and then further developed my skills and trained to teach the reformer in 2018 with BCP. My main interests and goals for clients is to increase their muscle tone and their body awareness by learning to incorporate the exercises, alignment and correct muscles and movement patterns into their everyday lives, helping to combat aches and pains from work, motherhood and travel.

Rhi Hepple – Naturopathist IG @rhihepplenaturopath

Rhi Hepple has been a holistic therapist for 16 years and has been specialising in supporting women with digestive health issues and autoimmune conditions with  Naturopathic Nutrition since 2016. Based in the New Forest, she offers 1-to-1 consultations in person or via zoom. She has also written some online short courses such as The Natural Gut Reset. Rhi is passionate about empowering her clients to take back control of their health by giving them a tool box to resolve their health issues naturally. Teaching them what their own individual needs are and guiding them to bring balance mentally, physically and emotionally through nutrition, herbal medicine, supplementation plans and naturopathic techniques.

Kasia Mazurek – Yoga Nidra and Cacao Ceremony    IG: @women0circle_   FB: Women’s Circle

Kasia is a 200 hours certified Ashtanga and Vinyasa teacher. She is also certified Yoga Nidra, Cacao Ceremony Facilitator and Meditation teacher.  Nidra: Kasia will guide with beautiful Yoga Nidra. During this practice you will connect with your breath, deeply calm your body and unite with your inner self. She will give you relaxing adjustment during Savasana and she will use healing music and instruments for deeper experience. Cacao Ceremony: Kasia together with Meri invite you all for an amazing journey during Cacao Ceremony. We will drink ceremonial grade cacao from Ecuador. Then we connect with this medicine plant through music, fire, drumming, meditation, breath work and many more. Just come with your open heart and join us. If you are on strong medications please check with your GP if you are safe to drink cacao. If not, no worries, you can still join us as you will feel this collective energy anyway.

Georgia Knott – Pilates

Georgia (G-ilates) is a Southbourne based Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer. She runs beach Pilates classes, online classes (Zoom & On Demand), 1:1 sessions and Pre and Postnatal classes. Georgia found her love of Pilates and fitness whilst living in Sydney, Australia for 6 years, it is here that she did her training and made it her full time job. She has recently moved to Southbourne (which is like a little piece of Australia!) and is loving teaching and being apart of the community here.

To find out more: | @gilatespilates |

Sharron Domanska – Yoga

Qualified in 2018 mentored by the wonderful Julie Montagu; teaching friends and family since. Regular Sunday class One For All Hot Yoga.   Leave behind life’s worries and expectations and enjoy a 45 vinyasa flow with me

Instagram – @domanskasharron

Email –

Hayley Wilson – Southbourne Beach Yoga

Hayley & Alex (Winter) have been running Southbourne Beach Yoga for over 5 years with a mix of both beautiful beach & peaceful garden studio classes in the heart of Southbourne. Teaching Mindful Flow, No-Flow, Yin, Yoga Nidra & Mindfulness, all classes are based around listening to your body & not pushing beyond your edge. Life is certainly busy enough & we wish for peace & calm to be restored when on your mat. Combining breath, movement & awareness to promote physical & mental wellness, classes are suitable for everybody & every body.

FB: @southbournebeachyoga  Ig @southbournebeachyoga

Booking Link:

Meredith Baylis – Ashtanga Yoga   IG: @meri_yoga_

I fell in love with Ashtanga when I was living in Vietnam and found myself practicing under the same teacher, Rahul Chamoli, for two years. Later I discovered Vinyasa Krama and flowing practices. The creativity and the flow spoke to my gymnastic and dance background and my love for different yoga styles blossomed. I travelled to India to study under Olivier Charles and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. My students are my teachers, and I believe that the beauty of yoga is alive and evolving every time someone steps on their mat. Join me for an Ashtanga taster class, one hour working into the primary series. It will be completely accessible for beginners as well as more experienced Ashtanga practitioners, so everyone is welcome! You will leave feeling amazing. See you on the mat, Meri

Anna D. Patycka – Sound Journey Meditation IG: @annadyoga

Anna D. Patycka is a mindful movement, yoga and meditation teacher, practitioner and advocate based in Dorset, UK. She runs weekly classes and pop-up events, mostly outdoors as well as workshops and retreats. She is a CEO of Silent Yoga UK – yoga and meditation experiences with the use of silent disco headphones. She has a 6+ years experience of teaching at many yoga and wellness festivals across the country and abroad, leading sessions for 2-500 people. In her sessions she uses comfortable Silent Yoga UK headphones which are proven by many students to help cut any external distractions. You are guided by Anna’s voice and subtle, specifically chosen music, so all you need to do is to put the headphones on and relax. This unique experience allows you to be ‘in the moment’ and go on a deeper journey inwards. This Sound Journey Meditation has been designed to completely reset your senses and to challenge the usual ways of sensual perception.  It includes a guided sound experience with the use of headphones as well as blindfolds and aromatherapy to enhance sensations. Meditation is for everybody.

Jen Hadland – Yoga and Meditation

Jen runs The Amethyst Cave studios in Southbourne and New Milton. The Caves are community-driven Conscious Movement Centres. They home a variety of wonderful teachers who offer practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Pilates, Martial Arts and Chiropractic/Holistic Healing. She herself teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga; and has a particular passion for Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditation. She studied Yoga in Goa and Rishikesh, India; and continues to fall in love with the wisdom, power and joy that Yoga has to offer.

Beata Szczepaniak – Pilates 

I’ve been pilates instructor for 5 years and it is my favourite class to teach. I like using small props like balls and bands as they make exercises more enjoyable and effective. They challenge the body, but also add the support and make the exercises more achievable.

Michelle Nova – Sistrum Therapeutics –

Michelle has been teaching singing and the art of healing vibrations of the voice for around 25yrs. While studying Bel Canto vocal technique in London in the 1990’s, this is when she first experienced the power of vocal vibration. She has been researching and implementing the ancient arts of healing through colour, singing, music and the healing effect of humming vibrations for over 20yrs, and has developed a unique method combining these powerful vibrations for self – healing, wellbeing, improving mental and physical health, suitable for everyone, including those with special needs and learning disabilities. Michelle teaches simple exercises using breathing, humming, voice, colour visualisation and chakra balancing, which can be used anytime and anywhere. Feel in-colour not off-colour. In-balance not out of balance.

Becca Somer – Yoga 

I take a holistic and therapeutic approach to teaching yoga and love helping people develop a personalised practice. I started teaching yoga in schools in 2010 and still love sharing yoga in education settings now, where I teach both children and separately their teachers too. I also have my own classes and special events that I teach at too. I’d love you to join me for a special, soothing and balancing yoga and meditation session. See you here! Becca 💛 For more information:

Jason Croucher- Sports Massage 

Jason offers a truly bespoke service including soft tissue massage (London School of Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy), movement and posture (Anatomy in Motion) and breath work (Oxygen Advantage). Used individually or together, feel better connected with your body. /

David Allen & Holly Allen – Highcliffe Chiropractic IG: @highcliffechiropractic FB: @HighcliffeChiropracticClinic

From babies to the elderly, athletes and everyone in between. We’ve been happily serving the community of Highcliffe for over 30 years. Our aim is to get you free from restriction and back to doing what you love. We always work with what’s best for you and have a range of techniques available to suit your needs and preferences. Our approach is a simple one. To listen to your problem. Identify the root cause. And to treat gently, using techniques that are best for you. Whatever the cause of your discomfort, we’re here to get to the root of it. /

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