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How do I nominate a hidden hero for a break?

The first step is to become a partner of R2R. Contact and we’ll get you up and running. Once you’re registered, simply login with the details we give you and tell us about your Hidden Hero!

Who can make a nomination?

All nominations must be submitted by  someone in a managerial or senior position within the registered charity or voluntary organisation.

Can non-charities join R2R?

Yes! As of May 2019, we are delighted to be able to welcome nominations from community groups and other voluntary organisations, as well as registered charities, so get in touch and tell us about your Hidden Heroes!

Are there any qualifying criteria for nominations?

We ask that your nominees have been volunteering for at least one year, and not as part of a student placement, corporate partnership or other similar arrangements. Other than that, just make sure there’s plenty of information in the statement! (1000 characters or approx. 250 words minimum).

Can Trustees/Chairs be nominated?

Room to Reward is for service delivery and operational volunteers. We don’t accept nominations for Trustees or those in Governing positions of charities.

Is there a minimum age requirement for nominations?

We do accept nominations for children and young adults, but all u18 nominees would need to be accompanied by parents/responsible adult on their break.

Will the hotel partners provide breaks for all applicants?

Room to Reward is reliant on the generosity of our fantastic hotel partners. As we use donated unsold rooms, it may be that some hotels are unable to offer breaks during periods when they know they will be extremely busy. All restrictions are shown at the time of booking and all requests are subject to availability.

What happens if there is no availability?

In the unlikely situation where your chosen hotel partner is unable to provide a short break on the requested dates, the hotel will recommend other dates. If a solution still can’t be found, please contact Room to Reward and we will arrange for another hotel partner to try and meet your requirements. The Hidden Heroes will not go unrewarded!

What if a nomination is declined?

In the extremely unlikely event that a nomination is not approved, the nominator will be notified with an email outlining the reasons why. Sometimes, we may ask for more details behind the reasons for the nomination.

What happens next – i.e., after receipt of nomination?

We will contact the nominator by email to confirm that their nomination is approved, along with a certificate to present to the Hidden Hero and a link for them to book their stay. Don’t forget to share your presentation photos with us!

What is included in the break?

All breaks are offered on a 1-2 night, bed and breakfast basis for 2 people.

Can children be included in the break?

Should the nominee wish to include their children on the break, they should advise the hotel within the booking process, and the hotel will try to accommodate the request with a family room.

Can other family members be included?

If the nominee would like to include additional family members, their names should also be detailed on the booking process and, budget allowing, they will be included. However, please note that in some circumstances, it may be necessary to ask for a contribution towards their stay.

Is there a limit on the number of times applications can be made for a break?

See our guidelines here for nomination allowances. However, these are flexible.

I’ve used my nomination allowance for the year, but have another fantastic volunteer, can they be nominated?

As mentioned in the question above, our guidelines are flexible so please get in touch if you have another compelling story to tell us!

What if the reservation is cancelled?

We know that circumstances can change and, in some cases, the cancellation of breaks may be inevitable. All we ask is that we are notified as soon as possible and at least 48 hours before the date so that we can inform the hotel. Of course, the Hidden Hero is then able to re-book their break.

How long does the nominee have to take their break?

We request that all breaks are booked and taken within 12 months of a nomination application being approved.

Can the same person be nominated twice?

Unfortunately not. Our mission is to say ‘thank you’ to as many Hidden Heroes as possible so once a nominee has enjoyed their break we are on the look out for the next one!

How do we ensure we aren’t singling people out?

We understand that it can be difficult to reward some volunteers when you’d like to nominate everyone.

That’s why we offer an ongoing partnership, enabling you to make nominations every year.

Our partners have also reported how volunteers delight in each others success and seeing their peers recognised. The appreciation for having a volunteer recognition scheme in place extends far beyond those who directly benefit.

How do you handle data?

All Hidden Hero nominations are submitted through our secure system. Once approved, they are stored in our secure database for our records. At the time of nomination, we does not ask for any contact details of the nominee.

For more information, visit our Nomination and Data Handling page or email our Data Protection Officer, Joe Langtree, on


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