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Meet the Hidden Heroes


Fenella first came to Whizz-Kidz as a service user. As a volunteer, she has made a huge difference to the charity, enabling others to enjoy the same support.

Nominee: Fenella
Nominating Charity: Whizz-Kidz
Hotel Break: Salcombe Harbour Hotel

The nomination:

“Fenella began her Whizz-Kidz journey in 2014 as a young person; she is a full time wheelchair user and is also deaf. She attended around forty events, completed a young leadership programme and applied to become a volunteer in 2016 having completed the leadership programme and searching for a new challenge.

In just over one year as a volunteer, Fenella has made an incredible impact to the youth group she volunteers at, and also to the way volunteering works at Whizz-Kidz generally. She has volunteered at 16 events, including the youth club and also residential camps where she has been a real inspiration to other young wheelchair users who are staying away from home for the first time (even co-leading wheelchair dancing) She has mentored a group of young people who are working on the young leaders programme, supporting them to reflect on their experiences and take on leadership opportunities both inside and outside of Whizz-Kidz. This work actually led to Whizz-Kidz creating a new volunteer role, purely to support young leaders to complete the leadership programme.

In addition, Fenella has worked closely with her service delivery manager to ensure that all activities are in line with what young people are asking for, risk assessing venues and co-delivering activities. Fenella worked with the volunteer team to ensure that other young people transitioning to being volunteers were correctly supported, and also to deliver disability equality training to new volunteers.

Having volunteers like Fenella is so important at Whizz-Kidz: not only is she being a brilliant role model to young people as a wheelchair user herself, but her dedication to ensuring that Whizz-Kidz is inclusive and accessible to volunteers and young people alike is fantastic.”

The Break:

Fenella enjoyed a fantastic, well-earned break at the beautiful Salcombe Harbour Hotel.

“I was overwhelmed to be nominated by Whizz-kidz to receive a break away with Room to Reward. It was completely unexpected, as volunteering with the young people at this charity is a reward in itself!
I chose to stay at Salcombe Harbour Hotel. The room was lovely, and the view was stunning. It was so peaceful and relaxing watching all of the boats going in and out of the harbour. The food was wonderful and the staff attentive and thoughtful. It was a fantastic break. Thank you.”

Fenella – Hidden Hero, Whizz-Kidz

The Impact:

“At Whizz-Kidz we are fortunate to have the support of lots of tremendously dedicated, passionate and talented volunteers, and it can be a little frustrating for us as staff that our budget cannot stretch to a way to thank them adequately. Working with Room to Reward is incredible as we are able to recognise those volunteers who really go above and beyond with a much deserved trip away at some fantastic hotels. Volunteers volunteer their time because they care about a cause, but it’s really valuable for us as an organisation to recognise that care and thank our volunteers wherever we can – that way the volunteers are likely to feel motivated to volunteer with us for longer, and that’s very important not only for us, but for the young people we work with. Thanks Room to Reward!”

Amy Senior – Volunteer Programme Manager, Whizz-Kidz

Room to Reward would like to thank Fenella and Whizz-Kidz for agreeing to share this story, and Salcombe Harbour Hotel for your fantastic support!

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