A partnership that feels good!

Room to Reward is dependent on – and incredibly grateful for – the generosity and commitment of our hotel partners. The donation of their unsold rooms makes the whole thing possible.

The support from the industry for our initiative has been uplifting and, in return, we offer a beneficial partnership that works for a number of reasons.

Recognising the irreplaceable contribution of outstanding volunteers & giving some time back to those who commit theirs to helping others

All Hotel Partners are invited to nominate two local charities of their choosing to join Room to Reward

Publicity on the Room to Reward website, social media channels, press releases and other marketing channels around specific stays

Hotels can restrict availability to suit business needs.

Or pledge a specific number of breaks per year

All breaks are subject to availability, so no displacement of revenue

 Put unsold hotel rooms to fantastic, unique use


We are delighted to partner with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Through the simple donation of a few unsold rooms, they help us support charities and communities across the U.K and say ‘thank you’ to the Hidden Heroeswho volunteer so much of their time to them.

“Many donate their time to important causes. Together, we can really make a difference to the lives of those who deserve our thanks and applause”

Robin Sheppard MI FIH, Chair – Institute of Hospitality & R2R Ambassador


  • “When I heard about Room to Reward, I was immediately intrigued to hear more about the charity and how they recognize the unsung hidden heroes within our community. I soon realized that it is a fantastic initiative and I am pleased to support the scheme. We all know that there are so many volunteers doing great things for a particular registered charity and Room to Reward is such a simple and effective way to say of ‘thank you’, with a short break in a partner hotel. I urge all my hotelier colleagues to support the charity. “   

    Starboard Hotels
    Starboard Hotels PAUL CALLINGHAM, Managing Director
  • “An unsold hotel room can never be sold again. This was one of my first lessons at college and it really explains why all conscientious hoteliers should join in and support Room to Reward and help them to deliver all the good they are striving to achieve.  As hotel operators we are in a privileged position in that we are able to help reward those who truly deserve it in a big way, through a gesture which to us, is relatively small. Through this new Charity we are now able to use this privilege to the very best of uses, and I urge all my peers across the UK to get on board too”

    Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth
    Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth BEN YOUNG, General Manager
  • “We are very excited about working with Room to Reward.  Being a partner hotels gives us the opportunity to reward deserving individuals who do so much behind the scenes in both our local and wider communities.  It is easy to make a nomination online and the simple booking system means the Hidden Hero can soon be enjoying a much deserved break.  A wonderful way of saying thank you!"

    Greenclose Hotels
    Greenclose Hotels JAMES HILEY JONES, Operations Director
  • “New Forest Hotels are proud to partner with Room to Reward. With the relatively small gesture of donating our anticipated unsold rooms, we can make a real difference to a charity’s ability to motivate their volunteers. We have been impressed with the simplicity of the nomination and booking processes, and as a hotel partner we can ensure the programme makes allowances for our busy periods or days. It is a fantastic, flexible scheme.”

    New Forest Hotel
    New Forest Hotel Michaela Lisle, Managing Director
  • Room to Reward is a fantastic way for the hotel industry to give something back to our communities and we are proud to be part of it.

    Legacy Hotels and Resorts
    Legacy Hotels and Resorts Andy Townsend, CEO
  • "Room to Reward is a genius concept. Simple, effective, highly motivational and something that you should be taking part in. Collectively we can make a real difference to the lives of those who deserve our thanks and applause.“

    Institute of Hospitality and Bespoke Hotels
    Institute of Hospitality and Bespoke Hotels Robin Sheppard, FIH MI, Chairman
  • “We are excited to be part of Room to Reward. Inevitably, there are times during the year when our hotels have empty rooms, so we are delighted to use a handful of these to say ‘thank you’ to people who do so much for our society.”

    Leonardo Hotels
    Leonardo Hotels Jason Carruthers, Managing Director
  • “We are delighted to be part of this brilliant charity. Room to Reward is such a simple way to put rooms that would otherwise sit empty to great use. It’s an easy thing for hoteliers to be part of and we look forward to welcoming some Hidden Heroes.”

    Iconic Luxury Hotels
    Iconic Luxury Hotels Andrew Stembridge, Executive Director
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