A simple process. A big impact.

Our mission has been to create a volunteer recognition and reward initiative that has a real impact on the Hidden Heroes themselves and is simple and straightforward for everyone to be part of.

Whether you’re a hotel, a charity or community group or a volunteer, taking part in the R2R journey is as simple as 1, 2, 3!


Step 1 - Join us

Let us know a few essential details – blackout periods, contacts etc. – and we will get you up and running on the R2R system.

Step 2 - Receive a booking enquiry

Hidden Heroes are asked to submit three possible dates for their break, enabling you to choose those which suit business needs. All breaks are subject to availability.

Step 3 - Welcome your Hidden Hero

We love to see pictures of volunteers enjoying their well-earned break. It’s great to see R2R ‘in action’ and also lets us celebrate your amazing support across our platforms.


Step 1 - Join us

Room to Reward is open to charities and community groups of all shapes and sizes. Tell us how R2R can help you say ‘thank you’ and give some time back to your amazing volunteers.

Step 2 - Nominate Your Hidden Heroes

Log in to your charity profile, go to the nomination form and tell us about your Hidden Hero – everything that makes them special and how they make a difference.

Step 3 - Present their break

Once your nomination is approved, you will have access to a certificate as well as an R2R break booking guide and link to present to your Hidden Hero when you’re ready – don’t forget to take pictures!

Hidden Heroes

Step 1 - Choose your hotel

Use your booking link to browse all of our available hotel partners and choose the perfect destination for your R2R break.

Step 2 - Choose your dates

Submit three possible dates to your chosen hotel for your break. In the unlikely event none of the dates are possible, we will help find alternatives or a different hotel.

Step 3 - Enjoy your break!

Now it’s time to enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation! Whether you are by the beach, out in the country or enjoying city life, be sure to take lots of pictures, let us know about your trip and – most importantly – have a great time!


  • Recognizing the outstanding contribution of volunteers is exceptionally important, and very motivational. This reward scheme is absolutely perfect. By allowing me to select volunteers who have gone the extra mile, without a restriction on their length of service, age, or task has been warmly received by the whole clinical team. Whilst not wanting recognition for what they do, our Volunteers who have received a “Hidden Hero” award have all said “you have no idea how lovely that break was.” The gratitude expressed by those who have been nominated has resulted in a greater contribution towards our charity and the urge to do even more for our patient. We are so very grateful and proud to be a charity partner.”

    Macmillan Caring Locally
    Macmillan Caring Locally Anita Rigler, Volunteer Co-ordinator
  • An absolutely fantastic idea to reward the people we value the most. Lovely customer service and it was made so easy for us. Our volunteer was actually speechless when we gave her the certificate. Well done all.”

    The Dorset Children’s Foundation
    The Dorset Children’s Foundation Patsy Hallmey, Founder
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