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  • Adam Terpening Director of Charity

    With over 30 years’ experience in the hotel industry, Adam Terpening has held senior management roles within Harbour Hotels, Macdonald Hotels and Forte Hotels.

    Adam commands a strong history of philanthropy, currently holding posts including; trustee of Oakhaven Hospice in Lymington, Chairman of the Fairtrade Trading Committee for Christchurch and Chairman of the Oakhaven Care Agency. As such Adam is well-placed to lead and develop the unique charity initiative that is ‘Room to Reward’.

    As Director of Room to Reward, Adam is passionate that Room to Reward becomes an industry led initiative whereby hotels adopt the practice of donating unsold rooms as a means of supporting the charity sector. By encouraging hotels to become partners and making the most of this opportunity, Room to Reward aims to have donated £100,000 pounds’ worth of hotel stays by the end of 2017.

  • Joe Langtree Marketing Manager

    With a wealth of experience in various disciplines across the online marketing spectrum, Joe has always been determined to put his skills and expertise to good use in the charity sector.

    A journalism graduate, Joe has written for a wide range of publications and specialises in digital marketing, search engine optimization and websites. He lived and worked abroad in Belgium and Ireland before joining Room to Reward in October 2017.

    Joe has been actively involved in a number of voluntary charity projects, including running football camps in South Africa, holiday clubs in Ukraine and providing respite care for SEN children.

  • Katy Hamer Development and Outreach Officer

    Katy joined Room to Reward in 2018. With a background primarily in customer service and retail management, Katy brings strong communication and organisational skills to the team. She has extensive experience of the volunteer sector and has always sought be involved in a wide variety of projects. From befriending people in the community, helping out at her local Oxfam, being a part of the Oxjam musical festival management team in her home town of Bournemouth to helping out at her local dog shelter. As well as the odd bit of conservational work, lending her artistic skills to The Arts By The Sea Festival of Bournemouth and most recently helping to set up and run one of the famous Oxfam festival shops at Glastonbury. She has also spent invaluable time as a volunteer manager during her time spent running a British Heart Foundation charity shop which gave her a better of understanding of the importance of how to manage the incredible people who become volunteers.


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