It’s a Fact Room to Reward Brings Value to the Charity Sector

A recent survey of our charity partners indicated that 100% of them thought that the Room to Reward scheme brought their organisation value and is having a direct impact on the well-being of their volunteers, as well improving levels of engagement and motivation.  We wanted to take the opportunity to share some of the fantastic feedback we have received to date with you all.

“To be approached by Room to Reward was a lovely surprise and an even lovelier way to thank our volunteers. A great idea and service for those in the charity sector who may not have the resource to do something special for those volunteers that have gone over and above for us.  A simple and smooth process, that in this busy work environment didn’t take too much time but captured the relevant info needed. A great resource for us to celebrate our fabulous volunteers. Thank you for finding us, approaching us and letting us work with you!”

 Such an excellent scheme with so much potential value, for the not-for-profit sector in particular.”

 Very friendly and straightforward. Very clear aim. Easy process to join up and to put forward hidden heroes. Excellent response time and communication.”

 “We have never been in a position to reward our staff members with such a meaningful reward.”

 “It is a really lovely way to be able to thank a couple of those extra special volunteers. On a tight budget, we would never be able to afford to do something like this! It is a really special way we can say thank you.”

“It has been great for three of our team to realise how valuable their contribution is to the work that we do, and to see them be rewarded for the many ways they go the extra mile(s!) even though they think nobody notices.”

 This has given us another method of rewarding our volunteers who give up so much of their own time to help our charity with caring for the animals that come to us.”

The two volunteers that were nominated, have both said to me how thankful they are, and how lovely it is to be recognised for their contribution. It has shown our volunteers that we can share some of the ‘love’ with them. They have said that to have a lovely break, one which they may not be able to do otherwise, has been really beneficial for their well-being.”

“Our ‘Hidden Heroes’ have felt valued, appreciated and more determined to support the work of our charity.”

Huge morale and confidence boost. They feel very appreciated and motivated!”

 “We have yet to formally award our Hero’s in a public arena but they are absolutely thrilled with their awards. One stated that ‘words cannot describe how much this means to me’.”

 “The volunteers who were nominated and got the Award were delighted – and those who were not nominated were pleased for the others – and delighted that such a scheme exists.” 

“Our volunteer is yet to go on their break. I believe, though, that they will find it hugely rewarding, and an excellent method of recognition.”

 They were thrilled with their reward and were very appreciative of the recognition.”

The impact of being able to provide an additional means of pastoral care to their valuable body of volunteers/staff, at no cost, was articulated by many of our charity partners,

“This is an extremely generous gift that you are sharing with very dedicated workers. It is a wonderful offer to make and enhances the motivation and recognition of the front-line workforce.”

 “I think it is a great idea, a very approachable team, a simple concept that has a huge impact.”

 “Incredibly helpful to charities to be able to give such a significant reward to staff, when there is such limited funds – genius brilliant idea!”

 “Fantastic idea and a privilege for us to have the opportunity to recognise our ‘hidden heroes’ – so important for a small charity.”