How does our nomination policy operate?

The method behind the R2R magic. If you need clarification on anything here please get in touch

How We Operate

Please be aware that we sometimes have limited availability from our hotel partners. Nominations are reviewed on a case by case basis and those deemed the most deserving will be awarded with a break. We cannot guarantee that all nominations will be approved. Please take the time to provide us with detailed and supported reasons behind your nomination, such as; length of time served, an outstanding contribution made towards the charity etc.

Nominations & Bookings

Room to Reward has a well-defined nomination process in place. The number of nominations offered are banded by charity size, providing Room to Reward with the means to control the nomination process, allow charity partners to ‘grow’ with the scheme and ensure on-going positive relations with hotel partners. By stipulating nomination banding, Room to Reward can ensure all partners expectations are met and safeguard the motivation and engagement of partners.

Rooms are donated when the hotel can anticipate they will be unsold and therefore are not displacing revenue. It should be noted that hotel partners allocate only one room per night on the scheme as part of Room to Reward. Some hotels place restrictions on certain nights and periods which should be noted at the time of making any inquiry and all requests for a break are subject to availability.

Exceptional Circumstances

On that basis, in exceptional circumstances such as illness and/or bereavement, where the nominating charity can endorse the situation, we would work with the nominee post the event to re-book their stay, however, 48 hours’ notice will be required in all other cases. In all cases of cancellation Room to Reward must be notified in the first instance allowing them to liaise with the hotel in the nominee’s behalf.

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