After what feels like forever, we are delighted to say that R2R is in the process of reopening. Like everyone, we have been severely impact by the COVID-19 pandemic and have had to make some changes to ensure our relaunch is successful and sustainable. The most important information and dates are included below.

For Charities and Hidden Heroes

1. Bookings
From the 1st of June, Hidden Heroes who had their break cancelled because of COVID-19 (approx. 100) will be able to submit new bookng requests. All COVID-affected breaks have had the one-year booking expiry lifted so there is no rush or pressure for anyone to take their break until they feel comfortable doing so. Once these breaks have been processed, bookings will then open for Hidden Heroes who had their nomination approved but haven’t had chance to submit a booking request. Hotels re-open on the 17th of May and many of our partners are anticipating extremely busy months ahead with staycations and people keen to get out of the house. This will limit the availability of unsold rooms which is why we are re-opening bookings in stages.

2. Nominations
R2R is re-launching in conjunction with Volunteers’ Week (1st of June) with a special campaign to say ‘thank you’ to the amazing volunteers who stepped up and made a difference during the pandemic. More information will follow but to start with we will only be able to take nominations related to this campaign. Regular nominations will re-open later in the year, most likely after the summer rush when the hospitality industry has settled down.

3. R2R Processes
Like everyone, R2R has been hit hard by COVID-19 and we have had to make changes to the team and our procedures. Katy has left to have a beautiful baby girl, so please update your contacts and send any questions, queries etc to Joe – A smaller team also means we are no longer able to send personalised certificates, statements and booking guides with each approved nomination. Instead, the ‘nomination approved’ email will contain links to a blank certificate for you to fill in and the booking guide for your Hidden Heroes to use.

If you have any questions, please contact Joe on



We understand that for many of you occupancy levels will be extremely high this summer and beyond for staycations and so have no expectations regarding donated unsold rooms this year. Of course any enquiries that do come in are subject to availability. We will also leave the leisure and destination properties hidden from our booking page until later in the year. From January 2022, we will simplify our request from each hotel partner to up to two breaks per year from unsold rooms. As always, any enquiry is subject to availability and based on predicting that a room will be unsold on the dates requested.

If there have been any changes of contact details, or any updates regarding your hotel, please can you email Adam directly on


Most of all, we are just delighted to be back and look forward to working together to recognise the extraordinary impact of the Hidden Heroes – people who the last year has highlighted just how important they are.

Thank you – and stay safe.


For advice on travel, precautions and anything else related to Covid-19, visit:

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