How can we properly recognise and value the contribution of our volunteers?

It’s a question our charity and voluntary group partners constantly face. R2R was created to answer that question and provide those who need it with a unique, cost-free volunteer recognition scheme.

That’s right – cost-free! By utilising donated unsold rooms from our hotel partners, we ensure there are no costs for other organisations to get involved. It’s all about giving back to those who give up so much to help others.


We are here to help you say ‘thank you’ to your Hidden Heroes. How you utilise our volunteer recognition scheme is entirely up to you. Our partners have used R2R for:

  • Existing volunteer recognition awards
  • Nominations of outstanding volunteers throughout the year
  • Special events – such as volunteers’ week or annual volunteer celebrations


We have had the pleasure of partnering with numerous council and community volunteer awards – recognising the extraordinary efforts of those meeting needs in their local areas. From sports coaches and gardeners, volunteer drivers and river cleaners, PCSO’s and accessibility campaigners… the list of Community Hidden Heroes – people giving up their time to improve their local areas – is endless. Room to Reward is here to give just a fraction of that time back.


Hidden Heroes are nominated by those in senior positions at the relevant organisation. Once you have registered to become a partner of R2R, we will issue you with login details to make your nominations through our secure system.

We only ask for…

The name and email address of the nominator

The name of the nominee

The compelling reason(s) behind their nomination


Once the nomination is approved, the nominator will be sent confirmation and access to a certificate, booking guide and booking link to present to the Hidden Hero when ready. The link will enable the Hidden Hero to book their stay from a choice of 500+ hotels in locations all over the UK. There are no hidden costs, the only condition is that all rooms are subject to availability. Information on when each hotel will be able to accept booking requests will be shown in their profile.

We love to see pictures of the presentations and – of course – the breaks themselves so we can celebrate and shout about your amazing Hidden Heroes.


  • "Room to Reward has been a great way to recognise the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. It’s really simple but effective and offers volunteers the opportunity to take a well-deserved break. It’s given us a meaningful way to say thank you and show our appreciation to volunteers."

    SCOPE Celia Abbott, Retail Volunteering Manager
  • An absolutely fantastic idea to reward the people we value the most. Lovely customer service and it was made so easy for us. Our volunteer was actually speechless when we gave her the certificate. Well done all.”

    The Dorset Children’s Foundation
    The Dorset Children’s Foundation Patsy Hallmey, Founder
  • "It's very humbling to be picked. It's an honour and a privilege to volunteer, but these breaks make it very special for people like myself. Thank you."

    Dreamflight Paul, Hidden Hero
  • "Sometimes in life you don't realise what you've achieved until somebody else says 'Hey - look what you've done!' That's what the nomination to Room to Reward gave to me. It made me think: 'Wow, I really have done something here that made a difference.' I'm so grateful, we still talk about it."

    Macmillan Caring Locally
    Macmillan Caring Locally Mandy, Hidden Hero
  • "I have worked in the voluntary sector for 19 years and this has to be one of the best ways to express gratitude to volunteers for their gift of time. Without the volunteering heroes that give so readily for their fellow citizen, many people and charities would suffer or close as a result. If you have a strong vibrant voluntary sector, you have a strong vibrant community. Room to Reward supports volunteers in abundance. Your innovation in this project is remarkable. Thank you for making this dream come true for so many. What a wonderful charity you are - bringing a smile to people's faces."

    Havering Volunteer Centre
    Havering Volunteer Centre Shelly Hart / CEO
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