Relax to Reward: Farncombe Estate – 15/05/2023

Date: 15/05/23
Time: 10.30am – 6pm
Location: The Fish Hotel, Farncombe Estate

Relax to Reward returned for a Cotswolds debut at the stunning, 5*, The Fish Hotel and Sap on top R2R supporters Farncombe Estate.

The sun (mostly!) shone, the classes – from laughter yoga and Wim Hoff Breathing to pilates, health advice, archery and axe throwing, culminating in mega 80s aerobics – were amazing and over £1200 was raised!

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who made this event possible – the amazing instructors, our fantastic supporters, everyone at Farncombe Estate, everyone who provided a raffle prize, delicious food and thirst quenching drinks, and of course, everyone who bought a ticket. Your support helps us make a real difference to charities, communities and the Hidden Heroes who do so much for them. Find out more about the R2R impact below.

Enjoy some pictures from an unforgettable day and find out more about the amazing instructors and supporters who made it happen below.

Thank You!

Relax to Reward – Meet the Instructors

Alissa Powell – Website        Instagram      Facebook

Alissa Powell, BBA, DipCNM, mBANT is a certified functional breathwork instructor and nutritional therapist in Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire. Alissa corrects dysfunctional breathing habits through breath retraining, Buteyko breathing, and other powerful tools and techniques to optimise clients’ physical and mental well-being. Alissa currently works with clients online and in person in her Breath Therapy clinic. She is also the author of Animal Breathing Exercises for Children: Mindful Breathwork for Ages 5+ as well as Remember to Breathe: A daily breathwork journal and habit tracker.

Andrea Bayles – Facebook: @andreabaylesnutrition  Instagram: @andreabaylesnutrition

Andrea Bayles is an award-winning Registered Nutritional Therapist with over 20 years of experience. She helps you to discover natural wellness solutions so you can keep fit, active and healthy as you age. Andrea specialises in supporting people with chronic health conditions, such as autoimmunity, digestive disorders and long-term health for healthier ageing. Sailing, skiing, cooking and being a gym and yoga bunny are her downtime passions.

Beth – / @cameostudio.cotswolds

Beth is a yoga teacher, professional photographer and studio owner of Cameo Studio. Originally from the Philippines, she has lived in Tokyo, Japan for six years and Pune, India for four years. Home is currently the Cotswolds with her husband, two children, a temperamental Indian cat and two bunnies.

A road accident in Japan when she was in her 20s left her with a broken leg. Although she recovered from the accident, she always felt weaker on her left side. Yoga has helped her to develop the strength, balance and awareness in both body and mind that she didn’t realise she needed. She studied yoga in India with Total Yoga directors, Manish Pole and Neetu Singh.

Beth’s classes are fun and functional; she enjoys teaching dynamic powerful flows and combining this with mindful and slower movements.

Boobettes – CoppaFeel! / @coppafeelpeople

CoppaFeel! exists to educate and remind every young person in the UK that checking their body isn’t only fun, it could save their life. Our Boobettes are a group of volunteers who have been impacted in some way by breast cancer under the age of 35. Using their stories, they inspire others to think differently about their lives and bodies, educating people about the importance of getting to know your normal now, and making it a lifelong habit. The presentation covers the Boobette’s personal story, our founder Kris’ story, breast cancer facts and myths, signs and symptoms, the work of CoppaFeel!, how we can remind you to start self-checking and guidance on how to self-check”

Sarah – Brave Kind Minds / @bravekindminds

Passionate about well-being, mindset, and mental health, Sarah shares meditation and mindfulness sessions to reduce your stress and help you thrive. The Ultimate Unwind will provide an opportunity to feel rested, restored and recharged. A great big hug of a class from the inside out. Stress-busting breathwork, tension-relieving movement, meditation and guided relaxation, will take you from worked-up to wound-down, as well as providing you with tools and techniques to ease your daily stresses, improve your overall well-being, happiness and mindset. Sarah’s approach is straightforward and down-to-earth, warmly welcoming curious beginners, as well as more experienced meditators.

Dovebrook – Instagram / Facebook

Eleanor and Shamim are the husband and wife team behind Dovebrook Kitchen. After running a successful London-based Vegan and vegetarian café, we moved to the North Cotswolds to be closer to nature and decided to set up a different kind of food business- delicious restaurant quality plant-based frozen ready meals delivered directly to people’s homes. Our mission is to elevate vegan cuisine and show how diverse and delicious it can be whilst cooking and delivering everything in the most sustainable way possible. Dovebrook meals are hand-made in small batches in our Cotswolds kitchen in Draycott and we are starting to branch out into village shops as well now including Blockley shop. Dovebrook Kitchen won multiple awards at Great Taste 2022 and was the only 100% plant-based company to receive two 2* awards.

Dr Liz Sparkes – Website / Instagram

Liz Sparkes is a health psychologist, intuitive coach and meditation and reiki practitioner. After completing a PhD in Pain Psychology and training to facilitate meditation and mindfulness, Liz dedicated herself to helping others feel more empowered and fulfilled. Liz has developed academic and private transformational courses for heart-based living, meditation and compassion, awareness and moon living. Liz works with groups and individuals in workplaces, health settings, charitable organizations and holistic retreats. Liz utilizes a mixture of psychological and ancient spiritual methods for healing and to support living life from the perspective of the heart, gaining greater insight and intuitive trust.

Geoff Gravestock – Website / Facebook

I am a 6th degree Black Belt Master Instructor at TAGB Tae Kwon-Do. I started my Tae Kwon-Do training in 1994 after watching a demonstration performed by 9th degree Black Belt Grand Master David Oliver. I spent next four years discovering the art of Tae Kwon-Do, learning its philosophy and perfecting my techniques. I achieved my 1st degree Black Belt in April 1998, and at this point, I started teaching and took over the club in Stratford upon Avon. I hold a 6th degree Black Belt Master Instructor, umpire and international referee qualifications awarded by TAGB (Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain). I currently own and run Stratford TKD, Chipping Campden, Alcester and Bromsgrove clubs with over 100 members. I have taught many students over the years of different ages and abilities and brought many of my students from beginner level to 1st degree Black Belt and higher. I have studied different styles of martial arts including Wing-Chun but Tae Kwon-Do has always been and continues to be my true passion and philosophy. It has shaped me in to a person I am today.


Tina Pavlou

Tina is an international MasterTheta healer, Intuitive, Spiritual teacherand Sacred feminine facilitator whospecialises in self-mastery and empowering souls to be happy, healthy,alive, and free. She is the founder of The Goddess Rooms and four times No1 bestselling author of When The Goddess Calls series of books. Tina is the Creator of ‘The Priestess Codes’a modality which connects you to your unique blueprint with activations, raising your frequency into the Goddess energy,clearing genetic lineage, trauma and embodying the Goddess through the alchemy of love, power and Ancient feminine womb wisdom. She will guide you through the transition into the Divine Feminine, connecting to your Inner Priestess or Inner Goddess. Tina’s daily mantra is how may I serve?

Jamie Christopherson – Website

Jamie, from Cotswold Breath and Body, is a certified Wim Hof Method instructor. Over the last 12 years he has used these techniques to recover from autoimmune paralysis. Whether you would like to recover from a condition, feel stronger, have more energy, be happier or many of the other scientifically proven benefits of this method come and join this 1 hour session and feel the power of the Wim Hof Method breathing technique first hand. Gain an insight into the systems at play in a practical guided hour long session and experience four rounds of guided Wim Hof Method breathing.

Janice – @putaiwellbeing / Website / Facebook

Pu-Tai Wellbeing … opening up the conversation about spiritual needs and development. Pu-Tai brings you positive energy, inner peace, joy, relaxation and resilience through sharing practical, earthy, spiritual wisdom. Perhaps you have some spiritual awareness – or are aware of your personal energy flows, but feel disconnected and require guidance to get back on your path and re-discover your sense of self? Pu-Tai offers a wide variety of grounding, connecting and healing therapies, from 1-2-1 coaching to public laughter clubs, to help you feel connected to your life spiritually, mentally and physically

Lauren – Pilates

I have always believed that movement makes all things better, mentally and physically, and this philosophy has built the core foundation of my practice. Personally, Pilates has served as a main source of healing while I was seriously ill in 1999, following which, I was inspired to get certified in 2002 and have been happily teaching ever since. Professionally, I earned my initial certification in Pilates through Power Pilates in Chicago, Illinois and then went on to study at the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, as well as the renowned FAMI School in New York City. Additionally, I received a Bowen Technique certification and have continued to extensively study anatomy with Julian Baker at Functional Fascia in the UK, where I am currently based. My teaching style has been shaped by my varied education and allows me to keep my ever-evolving practice unique, fun, and challenging for all of my clients, both in-person and virtually.

Natalie – Face Yoga

I was introduced to Face Yoga in lockdown and I fell in love with it. The difference in my skin and my wellbeing was instant. I couldnt believe how dedicating this time to care for myself allowed me to deepen my self – love. This is something that I couldn’t wait to share so I completed my training and I have been encorporating it into my workshops ever since. Yoga has been a big part of my life for many years and has helped me through some challenging times. Like many people I started Yoga for the physical side effects like flexibility but it was the balance of mind body and spirit within the practice that kept me coming back. I was lucky enough to travel to India in 2016 to complete my yoga teacher training spending one month in Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram, completely immersed in the traditions and practice of yoga. Both myself and my teaching style has grown through the years with a strong emphasis on the self. My teaching is holistic and hatha based, the full yoga experience.


Olenka Quintrell

My workshop with you will be focused on heart health, which feeds into how well we age and longevity. We will explore the major impact our nutrition and lifestyle choices play on how well our heart functions and how this small but mighty organ impacts all other bodily functions. We will delve into how and what we can test to get answers, as well as what we can do to work preventatively. This will be a jam-packed session with lots of take-home points and time for questions and discussion at the end. I am a practicing nutritional therapist where I see clients on a 1-1 basis supporting a wide range of health issues, with a focus on cardiovascular health and disease. I combine all of my teachings when supporting my clients, using the principles of functional medicine to understand the root cause of the illness and help them achieve optimal health.

Mark Dyer – Theorem Health

My name is Mark Dyer and I have been practicing health and holistic care for over 15 years. I own and run Theorem Health and Wellness Clinics in Alcester and Redditch, where I help and treat people with mental, physical health and also spiritual growth and healing. For the past 10 years I have been involved in a path to my own shaman and now using these healing approaches for spiritual approaches to wellbeing and a healthy equilibrium. I am a qualified Physiotherapist and TCM acupuncturist including micro systems. I am also a hypnotherapist and counsellor. I layer all these skills, for all clients in my care and find that this approach brings much welcome relief to people with a variety of health and emotional complaints.


TEMPLESPA is a lifestyle brand, and we create exceptional products and experiences for our clients wherever they find themselves ‘in life’. Many of our customers are in the ‘in-between’ bit where some of us women experience various stages of the menopause, in fact there are 13 million women in the UK alone in some stage of menopause.As we started to listen to our customers, we identified that there’s actually quite a large number in this demographic in the UK and with many different symptoms that affect us during this time, we realised we could create an informative and fun spa’rty around the subject and build a lovely, accessible workshop.

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