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Trefoil GuildLucy is a lifelong volunteer, invaluable support and true difference-maker for Trefoil Guild and her community. Her inspirational efforts were recently recognised with a well-earned break at our wonderful supporters, Grove of Narberth.

The Nomination

Lucy is a lifelong voluntary Brownie Guide Brown Owl Leader and more recently an active member of the Girl Guide Trefoil Guild where she became the very first Trefoil Guider member in Wales to receive the Trefoil voyager Bronze Silver and Gold Awards in 2016.

Her voluntary work and desire to do her best for everyone took over in Swansea. She is one of the most active elders in her church the Christadelphian in Mumbles. She has collected the money from individuals for the Ecclesia magazine – not an easy task – and goes one step further in distributing it as well, taking it personally to and visiting those who are unwell. She actively voluntarily ran and manned with a team the Langland St Johns Ambulance Beach Hut for years until the Lifeguard service took over first aid there. She went into Mayals primary school as a voluntary teacher assistant becoming adored by both teachers and pupils. Her and Dennis are loved everywhere and known as a wonderful old couple.

The Break

Given how much Lucy has done for communities in Wales, it was fitting to send her and Dennis off for some rest and relaxation at Grove of Narberth, a stunning, award-winning hotel nestled in the heart of Pembrokeshire.

The Grove joined R2R after the AA Awards last September, Lucy was their first Hidden Hero visitor and they certainly rolled out the red carpet!

Neil Kedward, owner of Grove of Narberth, said:

We were delighted to welcome Lucy and Dennis for a well-earned break. Room to Reward is a fantastic initiative to be part of and for our first visitor to be a Hidden Hero who has done so much for Trefoil Guild and countless other organisations in Wales made it extra-special”

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