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Niven (& Owner, Pauline)

The Charity

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Website

The Hotel

Deer Park Country Hotel
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Nomination Extract

“Niven goes above and beyond the role of a normal service dog. In addition to the great job of a service dog, Niven volunteers in his own walkies time at the Exeter Deaf Academy as well as with his deaf recipient Pauline at the National Trust and a local audiology department at the hospital.
At the deaf academy the children are much happier reading to Niven than they are a teacher.
He’s very patient and loves their company. He has helped so many young people develop confidence and skills.”

Niven’s Volunteer Role

“I’d be lost without him: He makes life worth living. We go out for walks, he makes me laugh. Niven works tirelessly at anything I ask him to do. He is very friendly and patient. I have had a few traumas in the last 20 years, coping with depression and tragedy. Since having Niven I feel so much better. I like helping.”
– Pauline, Niven’s Owner

They Said…

“Overwhelmed. It’s amazing that we should be singled out for this and it’s just lovely.”
“I am looking forward to a rest. Niven loves exploring and squirrel chasing. We love the countryside and the coast.”
– Pauline, Niven’s Owner

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