Room to Reward – Deserving Breaks for our hidden heroes.

The ones who give the most and make the largest contribution are often the ones who seek the least reward for their efforts. These are the hidden heroes who are all around us, helping those in need, and inspiring their neighbours to follow their example.

The result of a partnership between a group of UK hotels, Room to Reward is an initiative intended to give respite to these outstanding men and women who do so much to strengthen their communities and to care for those who cannot care for themselves; it is our small gesture of gratitude to the people who show compassion, resilience and dedication each and every day as they support those who need it most.

Room to Reward

What are our goals?

The objective is to provide much-needed rest to those who work tirelessly for the good of the community, whether it’s through their dedication to social and volunteer work, or simply by providing round-the-clock care for a loved one. The goal of Room to Reward is to recognise and reward the commitment, hard work and selflessness of hidden heroes, while giving them the chance to spend quality time with a loved one and enjoy a few days of pure relax.